Prior to your assessment period commencing, you will have an ‘Induction Meeting’ with a colleague from the YTCA SCITT team to ensure that you are as fully prepared as possible to demonstrate your evidence and excellence for the award of QTS.

Assessment takes a maximum of 12 weeks to complete depending on your evidence base and when we can confirm you are securely meeting the Teachers’ Standards.

You will usually be assessed in one educational setting (usually the school in which you are currently working, although we can support you with finding a setting in which to be assessed if needed). Your YTCA SCITT Assessor will also be your named support colleague during your time on the Assessment Only Route.

To achieve QTS by the Assessment Only Route, candidates must demonstrate that they meet the Teachers’ Standards. This is assessed in various ways:

  • A visit or visits from an Assessment Only Assessor when Interim or Final Reports are written and you will be given clear assessment criteria and constructive feedback;
  • Lesson observations from your Assessor and in-school colleagues;
  • A ‘Reflective Portfolio’ in which you present your evidence for the Teachers’ Standards in Evidence Bundles which show how your students have made progress over time;
  • Through dialogue with the Assessor about your performance and future development.