Darton College

Darton Community College was originally opened as Darton High School and serves the Northern area of Barnsley. Students come from Barnsley town centre, Darton, Mapplewell, Kexborough and other surrounding villages and are between 11 and 16 years old. The school re-named itself when moved to their new building in spring 2011 and is very proud of their inclusive and positive learning community. The school is also affiliated to Kexborough Primary School; with their Executive Principal leading both primary and secondary schools. Quality of teaching is good with 80% of lessons being good and outstanding.

Furthermore, this is continuing on an improvement trajectory. A strong culture of working together and supporting one another prevails at Darton so that colleagues at all levels are able to develop and improve their skills continually. Good systems for sharing good practice and developing teaching skills are in place – a middle-leader led Teaching and Learning group; coaching pairs; sharing good practice trios meet weekly. Good systems for behavior and attendance management mean that we maintain a consistently positive climate for learning. The beautiful building enables and enhances the quality of learning and students’ experience. Good partnerships with primary schools enable cross-phase teaching and effective transition.

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