Greenacre School

Greenacre School is a large special school which provides for children and young people aged 3 – 19 with severe and complex learning difficulties. A number of students have profound and multiple learning difficulties and many also have additional special educational needs and/or difficulties including physical and sensory impairments or difficulties on the autistic spectrum. The school has an additional provision for 32 children and young people with communication and interaction difficulties and specific speech and language difficulties, funded by the local authority. All students have a statement of special educational needs. They attend the school from across Barnsley local authority. Some students from neighbouring authorities also attend the school. In September 2011 we moved into a newly built and re-furbished building. The number of students on roll has increased substantially and there is significant demand for places for new students. The proportion known to be eligible for the pupil premium (additional funding) is high.

Most students are of White British heritage. There are a small number of children in the Early Years Foundation Stage who are taught alongside children of pre-compulsory school age. A large number of students aged 16 to 19 attend the school’s Post 16 provision, Greenacre College, which is housed in the same building as the main part of the school. They attend the school’s Life Skills House in Barnsley town centre for part of their timetable. A small number of students follow courses and/or work experience in construction, car mechanics and equine care at Barnsley Community Build, Riding for the Disabled and Motor Mouth. Our attainment range is currently P Levels – NCL4. The achievements of pupils across the age range are at least good and often exceptional.

The vast majority of pupils make good or better progress when compared with the upper quartile progress rates for all pupils nationally working below age related expectations. ITT trainees will experience teaching which continues to improve both the level of attainment and the rate of progress made by all students, whilst maintaining a drive to secure personalised outcomes for all learners, harnessing the strengths of the Foundation Learning Pathways and establishing effective methods of securing linear progress alongside the lateral consolidation of skills appropriate to individual learner need. The quality of teaching is overall at least good with a proven trajectory towards outstanding. The pupils’ outcomes over the last few years demonstrate the effectiveness of the systems in place.

The wider services the school offers to pupils and their families’ supports the rate of progress and level of attainment. The behaviour and safety of the pupils at school is outstanding. Pupils do experience, as a consequence of their disabling conditions, crisis behaviours and at times need direct support to understand the consequences of the choices they make. A skilled staff team supports pupils to moderate and manage their own behaviour so that for the vast majority of pupils, over time, there is a significant improvement in their social conduct and interactions.

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