Minsthorpe Community College

Minsthorpe Community College converted to Academy status on August 1st 2011. It is a very large 11-19 Community College where the core business and purpose have remained unchanged following conversion. Initial Teacher trainees would be training within the context that is highlighted by the IDACI deprivation statistics which show that the college postcode has a deprivation indicator of around 0.32 in 2012, which is at approximately the 77th percentile for national deprivation and this is supported by the school deprivation indicator in RAISE 2012.

It is a 9 to 10 form entry with a fairly even percentage of boys’ to girls’, averaging at around 51% boys / 49% girls. There is a significantly high percentage of White British students which reflects the local community, at around 97%. There is a large number of students with Special Educational Needs and are currently near the 90th percentile for students at School Action level with 35%, and around the 80th percentile for students at School Action Plus and those with a Statement with 11%.

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